• Université Paris Saclay, Master’s degree in computer science (MIAGE), Gap year, [Septembre 2022 – now]
  • Université Paris Cité,Double Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics, [Septembre 2019 – June 2022]

Professional experience

Data scientist. Sanofi R&D

  • Digital transformation:
    Worked in digital transformation projects with agility and rationalisation under the SCURM framework.
  • Programming and programme management:
    Developped 5 programs to support RBM data scientists and central monitors using Python, VBS, SAS, and R. Improved team productivity, including saving time in data processing and calculations. Debugged and upgraded existing programs to meet the demands and the data/privacy of patients protection protocols of the company and different countries.
  • Administrative supports:
    Worked with ITS to maintain cloud storage and protection of 20TB+ of sensitive data. Supported the team’s WFH issues. Supported the local administration team and made efforts with colleagues in Beijing and Paris to organise events and coordinate time.
  • Machine Learning and application:
    Followed the Sanofi ML course and apply several supervised models to the project to improve the accuracy of the model calculations to control the cost of clinical trials.

Campus Ambassador, Alliance Française de Chengdu

  • Campus Ambassador, Alliance Française de Chengdu


CRA workload prediction

Applied linear regressions and decision trees to CRA workload prediction models, reducing the error in the calculation results from 200 hours to 6 hours. Made programs to calculate results and generate various statistical or graphical reports automatically.

RBM Studylist

Analyse and create a database of all research projects, which saves CMs time. Programs have been written to generate monthly statistical reports.

Probability and Statistic: Simulation of random variables from coins

A mathematical project on generating a random discrete variable from coin tosses. Programming a simulation model with R and Python. Upper and lower bounds on the time required for this simulation process are derived and interpreted in relation to the Shannon entropy.

Programming: GhostLab, an interactive game between several clients and the server

Programming project for server and client in Java and C that respects TCP/UDP protocols and other network knowledge, as well as object-oriented programming. Use informed searches with AA^{*}.


  • Programming: R, Python, C, SQL, Java, OCaml, HTML, PHP, CSS, LaTeX

  • Teaching: Teacher’s Qualification Licence on Senoir High School Mathematics of PRC

  • Languages: French(level B2 CEFR), English(level B2 CEFR), Chinese(mother tongue)

  • Computer tools: MS Office, Canva, Photoshop, Social network management